"The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority."

Ken Blanchard

Meeting the Needs of Your Staff

Developing your teams potential.

Working within your business model, I work with your team in group workshops or one on one, with one objective in mind.

 "Bringing your Team Together to Deliver Great Results"

Situational Leadership II Experience


LAP II Assessment


Self Leadership


Management Essentials


Optimal Motivation


Leading People Through Change


Coaching Essentials


Building Trust


Working with Grande Prairie Regional College

Join us at the Grade Prairie Regional College Cintinueing Education for an insite into Situational Leadership .

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Discuss Your Goals

Understanding your needs will help me to develope a custom learning design for your company.

Take The Core Assessment

Often people talk about taking a behaviour test to find out mor about their personality. A test is something you can study for, a great assessment is a progressively learning  tool that helps you learn about yourself. I use Everything DiSC because the language is so easy to understand.

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