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Our Story

It has always been rewarding to support the professional growth of others. Now I do this through training and development workshops. Given the opportunity to turn my dream into a reality I jumped at the chance.

As a Blanchard Channel Partner I bring the "Blanchard's Situational Leadership 11 Experience" to clients along with latest assessment tools to support their overall success.

I am part of a great team of associates with Keldar Leadership, we all have the same goal in mind, supporting our clients success. 

Some Information About Me

George Emmett


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Co-founder, with his wife Bernadette,

and Manager of GR8 Solutions Ltd.

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Accredited Facilitator for the Situational Leadership 11 Experience and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

George specializes in customer service and team building, working with clients to improve business focus and developing the hidden talents within their organizations.

By working with key individuals in their own business model George has helped to develop pathways for improvement. 

“The most crucial principle in helping others is to listen fully and understand their issues by asking questions. Find the true issue and develop a helping strategy for a win-win result”.

Before George started GR8 Solutions Ltd he held several positions starting at the core from the ground up as an apprentice in a small business then moving on to sales, then to regional sales manager later to move on to business manager-owner. Prior to starting Gr8 Solutions Ltd George spent several years as part of a corporate supply chain management team.

“I have learned that the key to success is to help those around you be the best that they can be and most of all enjoy what you do”.

George has spent the last thirty-five years in Northern Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. He was involved in the Scouting movement for over fifteen years while his children were involved and later as an adult trainer helping to ensure the movement carried on. He has been deeply involved in the local car racing club and has been instrumental in acquiring and developing their race track.